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  • P-Series

    P-Series batteries use a high-current, 7-pin D-sub connector. Optimized for using cells with low internal impedance which excel in low temperature and high discharge current applications. They require the use of “PH” chargers. Read More
  • N-Series

    N-Series batteries use a 5-blade standard battery connector. They are optimized for using high capacity cells for maximum runtime. They require the use of a "CH" series charger. Read More
  • Chargers

    Level-3 Smart chargers for use with Inspired Energy Li-ion and NiMH battery applications. Read More
  • Nickel Metal Hydride and 100+Wh Li-ion Batteries

    Our legacy line of NiMH products are still in production today as the Nj1020 & Ni1030 series. If you need additional power >100Wh we specialize in multi battery array and high capacity designs for extended run applications. Read More
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Specializing in Custom Smart Lithium Ion

rechargeable battery packs and chargers for OEMs worldwide, designed and built in the USA.
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Standard product


Standard ranges of battery packs

P-Series and N-Series

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Shipping Information - Important Facts

Get advice from the US Dept. of Transport or contact us for our new range of dust caps – recommended for flying with Li-ion batteries. 

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