Click below for advice from the US Dept. of Transport or contact us for our new range of dust caps – recommended for flying with Li Ion batteries.

US Dept. of Transport advice for traveling with Li Ion batteries

PHMSA advice on traveling with Li Ion batteries can be found here

Export Codes for Inspired Energy products:

  • The US HS / Commodity Code for Li Ion batteries: 8507.56.0000 (UK: 8507.80.3000)
  • The US HS / Commodity Code for NiMH batteries: 8507.50.0000 (UK: 8504.80.2000)
  • The US HS / Commodity Code for Battery chargers, components & cables etc: 8507.90.8000 (UK: 8504.80.9400)
  • The Export Control Classification number for Li Ion Batteries: EAR99
  • The License Type is “NLR” (No License Required)

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