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7.2 V
13.6 Ah
10.0 A
50 W

The NH2057QE34 is an IEC & UL 62133-2 approved model which is ideal for low temperature applications, as the low internal impedance enables the cells to deliver good capacity and discharge current. The 2057 battery can perform as low as -20°C (Note, in low temperature applications, we recommend testing the device at temperature to validate performance).

Also, with its’ 8A discharge capability, the NH2057 is ideally suited as a small “hot-swap” battery to hold up the device for a short period while the main battery is charged.

The CH-series charger is recommended for these batteries.

These smart Li-ion batteries can be customized to meet unique specifications. Custom label, custom firmware and some performance options are available. Creating custom-hybrids of standard batteries is a part of Inspired Energy’s established expertise.

We suggest the NH2054HD34 model as a 14.4V variation of this design. Additionally, we offer a higher discharge rate and lower temperature option, as the NH3057HD34.

The NH2057QE34, has been updated as a replacement for the previous NH2057A24 , NH2057HD24 , NH2057HD29 & NH2057HD31 & NH2057XD24 models.


Qty 1-11, $190.35 USD ea.

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Length X Width X Height (Inches):
6.0" X 3.1" X 0.9"
Length X Width X Height (mm):
153mm X 78.7mm X 23mm
Chemistry / Cell Array:
8 Li-ion 18650 cells / 2S4P array
Equivalent Lithium Content:
Mating Connector:
AMP P/N 5787422-1 or 5787446-1
Cavity Size:
23.5mm x 80mm cross section
Fuel Guage Display:
Always on 5-Bar LCD
IP Rating:
Optional Belt Pack:
Belt Pack Number:
MPL205X or MCL205X
On Board Charger:
Has power supply:
Vehicle Cable:
USB Charge Port: