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We make every effort to support our customers as design changes occur. Below you will find products we have improved upon and their new part numbers. 

If you do not find the replacement you are looking for, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a suitable alternative or review our current offerings.



NL2020A22 & NL2020HD22
 NL2024A22 & NL2024HD22 NL2024ED22
Ni2020A24 & Ni2020HD24 Ni2020HD29
 Ni2040A24 & Ni2040HD24 Ni2040HD29
 NH2034HD31 NH2034HD34
 NH2054HD24 & NH2054HD31 NH2054HD34
 NH2057HD31 NH2057HD34
NF2030HD29 & NF2030HD31 NF2030HD34
NF2040HD24 & NF2040HD31 NF2040HD34
NF2047HD31 NF2047HD34
ND2034HD31 ND2034HD34
ND2037HD31 ND2037HD34
ND2054HD31 ND2054HD34
ND2057HD24 & ND2057HD31 ND2057HD34
NC2040A24, NC2040HD24 & NC2040HD31 NC2040HD34
NB2037HD31 NB2037HD34
Ni3020HD26 & Ni3020HD30 Ni3020QE30


Batteries we manufacture specifically for sale only to an OEM will have a contact phone or web address where these batteries may be repurchased. 
We are not permitted to sell these batteries to anyone other than the OEM without their written approval.  Please use the contact information on the battery to obtain replacements.