12-Cell (4s3p / 3s4p)
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CHEMISTRY / CELL ARRAY: 4 Li-Ion 18650 cells in a 1S4P array
CAPACITY / ENERGY: 13.6Ah / 49Wh
VOLTAGE: V max =4.2V V nom =3.6V V cutoff =2.5V 
COMMUNICATIONS: Fully SMBus rev 1.1 Compliant
DATA SYSTEM: Fully SBDS rev 1.1 Compliant
CHARGING: Any Inspired Energy CHxxxx charger or Level 2/3 SMBus Charger. The Linear Tech LT4100 chip is recommended.
DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT: 0.91″ / 23.02mm,
LENGTH: 3.4″ / 86.4mm,
WIDTH: 3.1″ / 78.7mm,
WEIGHT: 234g / 8.3oz
MATING CONNECTOR: Std. 5-position, 5mm centerline. Mating Conn. list
FUEL GAUGE: Integrated “Always-on” 5-bar LCD fuel gauge on the end opposite the connector.
RECOMMENDED BATTERY CAVITY: 23.5mm x 80mm cross section. The battery should be centered within this cavity.


The ND2053 is aimed at low voltage applications requiring extremely high capacity. It also offers the ability to deliver high discharge currents making it unique for embedded applications. The ND2053 is capable for low temperature applications as it can preforms as low as -10°C.(Note, in cases of low temperature applications, we strongly recommend all batteries be tested in the intended environment to discern specific performance levels). Also, with its 10A discharge capability, the ND2053ED34 is ideally suited as a small “hot-swap” battery to hold up the device for a short period while the main battery is changed.

The ND2053 smart Li ion battery can be customized to meet unique specifications. Maybe you’re looking for a label change to display your corporate livery? Or a firmware modification to the smart battery’s data? Or perhaps you need a performance change for the battery? Creating custom-hybrids of standard batteries is a part of Inspired Energy’s established expertise.

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P-Series batteries use a high-current, 7-pin D-sub connector. They are more rugged than the N-Series batteries - some of them are IP65-rated - they also are optimized for using cells with low internal impedance which excel in low temperature and high discharge current applications. They require the use of a "PH" series charger.
N-Series batteries use a 5-blade standard battery connector. They are optimized for using high capacity cells for maximum runtime. They require the use of a "CH" series charger.