12-Cell (4s3p / 3s4p)
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Multi-Bay Charger Specification Summary
LENGTH: 420mm / 16.5"
WIDTH: 200mm / 8.0"
WEIGHT 4-Bay: 7.9lb / 3.6kg
WEIGHT 6-Bay: 7.3lb / 3.3kg
CONNECTOR5-Pin Standard Connector.
LED STATUS DISPLAYEach charger unit has an LED charge indication display as shown on the instruction sheet
AC CABLECH6555A & CH5555A: 110V N. USA 3-pin cord
CH6555E & CH5555E: 220V Euro. 2-pin cord
CH6555U & CH5555U: 240V UK 3-pin cord
CH6555X & CH5555X: No AC cable included


Unlike other multi-bay charging systems, the 4 & 6-bay desktop smart charger systems will charge all the batteries at the same time, thus reducing the cycle time for multi-battery applications. The 6-bay unit contains 6 simultaneous charger/calibrators while the bay of the 4-bay unit can be assigned as charger/calibrator or charge only (see below for details).

The Multi-bay desktop smart charger systems work with every “N” series standard Li Ion and NiMH battery in the Inspired Energy Portfolio – irrespective of size, shape, voltage, or capacity.



All Lithium-Ion batteries must be shipped at a State of Charge (SoC) not exceeding 30% their rated design capacity. Our CHXXXXCAL chargers can be used to set the SoC to this 30% standard. Below are the steps for using these chargers:

  • Place the battery into the slot
  • Green LED will start flashing
  • Charger will automatically (by charging or discharging) set the SoC to below 30%
  • LED will stop flashing when complete


To re-calibrate the fuel gauge and recharge the battery to 100%:

  • Place the battery back into the slot
  • Press re-calibration button
  • Blue LED will start Flashing
  • LED will stop flashing when calibration is complete.
  • NOTE: Re-calibration times are long. DO NOT remove the battery until process is complete or the process will need to restart


The power supply used is UL Listed and CE certified. Each individual charger unit also complies with CE & FCC immunity & emissions standards. RoHS Compliant.

Special versions of these multi-bay chargers are available for shipping within compliance with IATA regulations (CHXXXXCAL).
Choosing a part number for your multi-bay charging system:

6-bay Chargers

6 Charger/Calibrator bays – Part Number: CH6555
6 Charger/Calibrator bays for shipping (SoC below 30%) – Part Number: CH6555CAL

Variant Options

Having chose the basic part number, add variant suffix:

CHXXXXA – US/North America 3-pin AC Plug
CHXXXXE – European 2-pin AC Plug
CHXXXXU – UK 3-pin AC Plug

Recharge Times:

Different battery packs will require differing recharge times. The times given are for a full charge from 0% to 100% state of charge. They are valid for all variants and custom hybrids of each battery model. (For example the Ni2020AG has the same recharge time as the Ni2020HD.)

The 4-bay units are built using 4, single bay chargers therefore their recharge times are listed in the “One Slot” column.

The 6-bay units have 3 x 2-bay chargers & their recharge times are based on using either one or both slots.

Ready to buy?

The 4 and 6-bay chargers are designed and built in the USA by Inspired Energy, Inc.
Inspired Energy manufactures all products to order, and we sell direct to clients globally in quantities from 1 to 50,000+.
We accept credit cards for small orders & samples.
If you are interested in purchasing our products, or receiving a quotation please contact us at:
US Toll Free: 1-888-5-INSPIRE (1-888-546-7747) or USA 352-472-4855 or use the current email address shown on our contact us page.

4-bay Chargers

4 Charger/Calibrator bays- Part Number: CH5555
4 Charger/Calibrator bays for shipping (SoC below 30%) – Part Number CH5555CAL
2 Charger/Calibrator bays, 2 Charger Bays – Part Number: CH5544
1 Charger/Calibrator bay, 3 Charger Bays – Part Number: CH5444 (NSN: 6130015589431)
4 Charger bays – Part Number: CH4444

Recharge Time (hrs)One SlotBoth SlotsCalibration time
ND2034, ND205422
ND2037, ND205733
NF2030, NF204030
Ni2020, Ni204035
NL2024, NL2044, NL205429
NJ1020 / Ni103012

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P-Series batteries use a high-current, 7-pin D-sub connector. They are more rugged than the N-Series batteries - some of them are IP65-rated - they also are optimized for using cells with low internal impedance which excel in low temperature and high discharge current applications. They require the use of a "PH" series charger.
N-Series batteries use a 5-blade standard battery connector. They are optimized for using high capacity cells for maximum runtime. They require the use of a "CH" series charger.