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The CH7000 desktop smart charger is a standalone unit which provides the capability to carry out charging of the device which uses the battery pack. Compatible with all standard N-series battery models. Complete with a universal 50-60Hz, 100-220VAC power supply and choice of AC mains cord for global use.In addition the CH7000 can operate from any DC voltage between 10 & 25V. This makes it ideal for use with a vehicle cigarette-lighter socket or 12V solar panel.Operation from a 12V/25W Solar Panel: (Not included) The CH7000 uses a unique power-sensing circuit to adjust its battery-charge output to suit the constantly changing power available from a solar panel. Optimized for maximum power with variable solar input. Operation stops at 1W automatically resuming when power levels are restored.The following solar panels are recommended: GOOD: PowerFilm R-28 Roll-up 28W BETTER: PowerFilm F15-1800 Fold-up 30W BEST: PowerFilm F15-3600 Fold-up 60W
Length X Width X Height (Inches):
7" X 3.5" X 2.25"
Length X Width X Height (mm):
180mm X 92mm X 58mm
Mating Connector:
5-Pin Standard Connector
Optional Belt Pack:
On Board Charger:
Has power supply:
Vehicle Cable:
USB Charge Port: