Corporate History Continued

In July 2002, The increasing sophistication of portable electronics and the growth in demand for smart batteries inspired a core team of employees to build their own business focused solely on the design and development of intelligent batteries. This team negotiated a buyout of the smart battery business. Inspired Energy is comprised of the talented professionals, capital equipment, assets and intellectual property developed over the previous seven years of operations in smart batteries.

In August of 2004 we broke ground on our new factory in Newberry Florida. Throughout the fall of 2004 we all pitched-in to help build our new home & in January 2005 we moved into our new, custom-built factory.

Our product range & production capabilities continued to grow to meet the demand. We expanded our factory facilities 2006 & introduced a 2nd shift in 2007.

As Lithium Ion cell technology continued to expand, Inspired Energy took advantage of the new high power density cells to create a new range of products: our “P” Series featuring high current discharge.

In 2012, Inspired Energy celebrated 10 years in business as an independent company. Our client base has now grown to over 3,500 customers in more than 65 countries worldwide. Our product ranges continues to grow with more than 80 standard battery models to choose from & a full range of supporting charging systems.

In 2014 we plan to continue our expansion into a new factory that we intend to build immediately adjacent to our existing premises.

Since we developed the concept in 1995, our standard products have been copied, but our powerful combination of knowledge, experience and dedication maintains Inspired Energy’s position as the leader in the development and production of smart battery systems far into the future.

We remain the ONLY company to design, build and ship all our products here in our own factory in the USA. We do not send any of our production offshore for assembly because we believe in maintaining FULL control of our manufacturing process.

If you want tech support, we can put you in direct contact with the person who designed the board or the plastics. There is no better source to answer your queries than this.

By working closely and openly with our clients to understand product needs and business goals, we will always provide superior performance and the highest value portable power products and solutions while guaranteeing personalized service, quick response and expert advice.


Corporate Milestones

1994: Energizer establishes the Intelligent Power Electronics Group to focus on research and development in battery electronics.

1995: Energizer’s IPEG joins other industry experts to create industry-standard specifications for SMBus, Smart Battery Data & Smart Chargers.

November 1999: Moltech acquires Energizer’s OEM Rechargeable business & IPE Group.

July 22, 2002: A Management buyout of the Smart Battery SBU is completed & Inspired Energy is launched with 13 employees.

September 2003: The 95Wh NL range of 12-cell Li-ion smart packs is created. At the time, the highest capacity batteries still eligible for regular non-hazardous shipment.

January 31, 2005: Inspired Energy moves into a purpose-built smart battery design and manufacturing facility in Newberry FL USA.

April 2005: Inspired Energy launches a full range of desktop chargers which work with all our battery packs.

June 2006: Charger range expanded to include 4-bay simultaneous charging.

August 2006: 205x range of standard batteries is launched – 11 models with voltages from 3.6 to 14.4 & up to 95Wh available.

February 2007: A new range of belt-power packs is launched, featuring regulated DC output voltages and built-in chargers.

April 2007: Slimline standard battery packs debut with the NC2560

July 2007: Time has flown by – Inspired Energy celebrates its 5th birthday!

September 2007: Inspired Energy expands its workforce to two shifts to meet growth demand.

March 2008: The High Power Density PG3665 battery & PH series charges are launched, aimed at 24V DC motors

November 2008: Dual bay simultaneous chargers are launched

January 2009: Multi-bay charging is expanded to 6 bays with the CH6555

May 2009: the new 7.2V NF2047 is released

October 2009: Solar powered charging becomes a reality with the launch of our CH7000

2010: The entire range of Inspired Energy Standard products is upgraded to use the latest Impedance-tracking fuel gauge technology

November 2010: A new range of 2-cell wide Li-ion standard batteries is launched – the 203x range

June 2011: 28.8V PH2059 & PH3095 batteries add to our “P” Series high power density products

July 2011: Inspired Energy regular production batteries lift off on Space Shuttle mission STS135 & are in use today on the International Space Station (ISS)

April 2012: 12-bay rack-mount chargers are launched.

July 2012: Tempus Fugit continues! Inspired Energy celebrates its tenth anniversary.

June 2013: Two new 14.4V additions are made to our “P” Series of high power density products: PH2054 and PH3054.

Fall 2015: We break-ground on our second factory to be built in Newberry FL

Winter 2016: Our “P” series High power density products get a capacity increase

Summer 2017: With 100 employees, Inspired Energy celebrates 15 years in business and opens its second factory, doubling our capacity and enabling our corporate expansion to continue

Winter 2018: The 40 series battery launches with 21700 Lithium-ion cells.

Winter 2019: New launch of the CR03 3-Bay charger.

March 2020: During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Inspired Energy assisted in supporting medical industry as an essential business.

August 2020: Vertically integrated injection molding into Inspired Energy’s repertoire of in-house processes.

2022:  Inspired Energy celebrates their 20th anniversary!

January 2022: Design/permit work begun for a new 9000sq ft. building to expand injection molding and warehouse capabilities.

April 2023: Building expansion for additional warehouse and injection molding capability for domestic supply of parts.