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Watch our interview with Terry Bradshaw on MSNBC’s “The Winner’s Circle”

Press Releases

 2018: February – Inspired Energy’s battery holster gets upgraded with new feature
 2017: March – Inspired Energy’s New Factory in Florida USA
 2016: February – Inspired Energy’s New Factory Nears Completion
 2015: February – Low Temperature Products Replaced by HD29 models
 2014: April – Video interview from the Embedded Systems Conference.
 2013: November – Smart Batteries and Medical Devices – reprinted from 24x7 Magazine
 2012: December – Inspired Energy Expands the 203x Range
 2011: July – Inspired Energy Products blast-off aboard the last Space Shuttle Mission
 2010: November – Inspired Energy Launches a 4th Full range of Smart Batteries
 2009: October – Inspired Energy’s Range Of Smart Chargers Expands to Include Solar Power + Vehicular Charging
 2008: April – Inspired Energy Launches a new high power density battery optimized for use in robotics & 24V DC motor applications.

January – Device designers avoid re-inventing the battery with the new 205x range of smart standard batteries from Inspired Energy, Inc.

January – Multi-Bay Chargers From Inspired Energy reduce Cycle Time in Industrial Settings

 2006: December – Inspired Energy is featured on Winner’s Circle hosted by Terry Bradshaw on MSNBC
 2005: October – Inspired Energy Launches a New High Energy Battery Optimized for use in Underwater Robotics

May – Inspired Energy Targets Medical Market Smart battery Users With the CH5000A Smart battery Charger / Calibrator

May – Inspired Energy Adds Smart Chargers to Their Rapidly expanding Product Portfolio

January – Inspired Energy Completes a Full Range of Standard Batteries


August – Inspired Energy Introduces the Worlds Highest Energy Standard Batteries

May – Designing Smart Batteries For Medical Devices – Reprinted from Designfax

 2002: Launch PR

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