About Us

Who We Are…

Inspired Energy, LLC. is a privately-owned business located in the town of Newberry just west of Gainesville Florida, USA. We focus on the design, development, tooling, certification and production of portable power electronic products and systems including battery design, electronics design, battery chargers, circuit board manufacturing, and pack assembly.

What We Do…

Inspired Energy, LLC. designs and manufactures smart rechargeable batteries for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) worldwide. We specialize in tailoring our level of support to meet your needs. Inspired Energy offers a line of SMBus Compatible STANDARD BATTERIES for device manufacturers looking for a quality battery solution in a common form factor.

We can also create a full custom battery & charger design for those applications where an “off-the-peg” design will not suit.

At all levels of service and with all Inspired Energy products, our clients can always expect:

  • Superior performance products and technology.
  • Expert advice from experienced professionals.
  • World-Class Service

What is a Smart Battery?

A smart battery uses electronics to communicate with its host device in order to protect, monitor & control all aspects of its operation. The sophisticated electronics maximize energy density and cycle life ensuring that all the cells within the pack perform at their optimum level. The electronics can also provide highly accurate and precise fuel gauging, and report critical information about the state of health of the battery.

As portable electronic devices become increasingly complex, more and more devices are relying on smart battery packs to provide accurate fuel gauging, monitoring and diagnostics. Inspired Energy is dedicated to the design and development of these battery systems to support the needs of today’s portable electronic devices.