12-Cell (4s3p / 3s4p)


CR12 Instructions

CR12 Specification Summary
DimensionsHEIGHT: 5.25"/133.4mm (3U)
LENGTH: 10.5"/ 266.7mm
WIDTH: 19"/482.6mm (Std. 19" rack/DIN41494)
Weight: 8lb/3.6kg
LED Status DisplayGreen Flashng: Charging
Green Solid: Fully Charged
Red: Error
Globally Compliant Power SupplyNOT INCLUDED
24V, 750W required


Meanwell RCP-1UI rack chassis + up to 3 x RCP-1000-24-1kW, power supplies for up to 3 CR12 rack units

Meanwell RCP-1UI rack chassis + up to 3 x RCP-2000-24-2kW, power supplies for up to 6 CR12 rack units


The 12-bay 19-inch rack mountable unit is capable of simultaneous charging, reducing the cycle time for multi battery applications. The CR-12 is compatible with most of our N-Series batteries, charging each at their maximum rate. The modular design allows multiple CR-12s to be stacked to provide charging for any quantity of battery packs, and a 24VDC power supply can be specified to suit the quantity of units required. The unit fits all 19″ racks. Fully assembled units are available for purchase (Note: Flight case and 24VDC power supply sold separately) 

The CR12 charger is not designed for use with non-Inspired Energy brand battery packs.

Power Supplies

A 24VDC 750W minimum power supply is recommended to operate the CR12 unit. We recommend a Mean Well rack-mounted power supply for this system.

The Mean Well RCP-1UI rack is suitable to hold up to three RCP-1000-24 power supplies (1kW, 24DCV each) which can power up to 3 CR12 units or 36 simultaneously charging batteries.

For a greater recharging demand, the Mean Well RKP-1UI  rack is suitable to hold up to three RCP-2000-24 power supplies (2kW, 24DCV each) which can power up to 6 CR12 units or 72 simultaneously charging batteries.

Flight Case

Flight cases such as the Gator Cases G-Pro-4U-19 case, shown above, are recommended if you wish to create a self-contained portable system.

Ready to buy?

The CR12 is designed and built in the USA by Inspired Energy, Inc.
Inspired Energy manufactures all products to order, and we sell direct to clients globally in quantities from 1 to 50,000+.
We accept credit cards for small orders & samples.
If you are interested in purchasing our products, or receiving a quotation please contact us at:
US Toll Free: 1-888-5-INSPIRE (1-888-546-7747) or USA 352-472-4855 or use the current email address shown on our contact us page.

CR12 Compatibility and Recharge Times

Different battery packs will require differing recharge times. The times given below are for a full charge from 0% to 100% state of charge. They are valid for all variants and custom hybrids of each battery model. (For example the Ni2020AG has the same recharge time as the Ni2020HD.)


CR12 Compatibility Numbers and Recharge Times
Rack NumberCompatible Battery ModelsRecharge Times
CR12B203NB2037NB2037 - 3 ½ hrs
CR12C204NC2040NC2040 - 3 ½ hrs
CR12D205ND2053, ND2054, ND2057ND2053 - 4 hrs
ND2054 - 3 ½ hrs
ND2057 - 3 ½ hrs
CR12F203ND2034, ND2037, NF2030ND2034 - 3 ½ hrs
ND2037 - 3 ½ hrs
NF2030 - 3 ½ hrs
CR12H205NH2054, NH2057, NL2054NH2054 - 3 ½ hrs
NH2057 - 7 hrs
NL2054 - 3 hrs
CR12i204NF2040, NF2047, Ni2040, NL2044NF2040 - 3 ½ hrs
NF2047 - 3 ½ hrs
Ni2040 - 3 hrs
NL2044 - 3 hrs
CR12i202Ni2020Ni2020 - 3 ½ hrs
Not currently Supported
NC2560, ND2017, Ni1030, NJ1020, NL2020, NL2024, NL2050 All P-Series Batteries
Note: If a batteries 20 Series is listed (i.e. NB2037) then the 30 Series battery is also supported (i.e. NB3037)

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P-Series batteries use a high-current, 7-pin D-sub connector. They are more rugged than the N-Series batteries - some of them are IP65-rated - they also are optimized for using cells with low internal impedance which excel in low temperature and high discharge current applications. They require the use of a "PH" series charger.
N-Series batteries use a 5-blade standard battery connector. They are optimized for using high capacity cells for maximum runtime. They require the use of a "CH" series charger.