Desktop Smart Quick Charger
for "P" Series Batteries

Specification Summary

mating connector:

Amphenol D-Sub

LED Status Display:

Green flashing: Charging
Green solid: Charge complete
Red solid: Error

Included Power Supply:

90-260VAC, 36V, 100W DC - UL listed, CE Compliant

Mains Cord

PH4000A - 110V N. American 3-pin connector
PH4000E – 220V European 2-pin connector with ground recess
PH4000U – 240V UK 3-pin connector



PH4000 Datasheet

Model Description

What's In The Box?
 - PH4000 Desktop Quick Charger with 60W AC:DC power supply
 - AC Cable (See below for international options)
 - Instruction sheet

International Variants:
PH4000A US/North American AC plug
PH4000E: European 2-pin AC Plug
PH4000U: UK 3 Pin AC Plug
The PH4000 desktop smart charger is a standalone unit which provides the capability to carry out charging independently of the device which uses the battery pack.
The PH4000 works with all Inspired Energy "P" Series smart, standard Li Ion battery packs.
With its multi-voltage power supply, the PH4000 works throughout the world. Variants are available for use in North America (PH4000A) Europe (PH4000E), the UK (PH4000U).
Recharge Times:
Different battery packs will require differing recharge times. The times given below are for a full charge from 0% to 100% state of charge. They are valid for all variants and custom hybrids of each battery model. (For example the NJ1020HP has the same recharge time as the NJ1020.

Nominal Recharge Time for the P Seeries Chargers is 3 Hrs.

The PH4000 is designed & built in the USA by Inspired Energy, Inc. You can buy any quantity from a single charger up to many thousands, all built-to-order, direct from Inspired Energy.

For pricing or any additional information about the PH4000 "P"-Series desktop smart charger, please contact us at:

US Toll Free: 1-888-5-INSPIRE (1-888-546-7747)
or USA 352 472 4855
or e-mail our Sales Department.