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25.2V, 2.9Ah, 73Wh

PG3665 Specification Summary

Part numbers:


chemistry / cell array:

Lithium Ion (Manganese high power cells)

capacity / energy:



Vmax=29.4V Vnom=25.2 V Vcutoff=16.8V

eq. li content:


max continuous discharge

20A continuous, 30A pulse (max 5ms)

max cont power to cutoff voltage



Fully SMBus Compatible

data system:

Conforms to Smart Battery Specification


PH4000 or Level 3 SMBus Charger (eg LT 4100) recommended.
Note: Ph3054 is not compatible with  theCHXXXX series Chargers.

physical dimensions:

Weight: ~1.13kg, 2.5lb
Height: 38.1mm, 1.5"
Length: 237mm, 9.35"
Width: 86.5mm, 3.4"

mating connector:

7-pin D-sub. - Amphenol: L177WA7W2PMP3SVC745, 
IE Part #: 619017 or Amphenol: L177TWA7W2P (Chassis) + 2 Pins: L17DM53745-1, IE Kit Part #: 699013

Note: the PG3665 may be converted to provide output via flying leads using IE Flying Lead Conversion Kit: 699014

rec. battery cavity:

39mm x 87mm cross section. The battery should be centered within this cavity. "T" slots on each side of the battery can be used to locate & secure the battery in position.

PG3665 Description

This product will be no longer available from December 2016 because the special cells used are no longer available from the supplier. It should not be designed into new devices in its current form.
Please contact us for details of alternate products for your application.

The PG3665 high power density smart battery is ideal for use with 24V DC motors for robotics or enabling motion in devices operating "off the grid". It uses the latest Li Ion cell technology which enables it to deliver much higher currents than regular Li Ion battery packs. Due to its higher operating voltage and high current capability, it uses a new standard connector & requires a different charger to our regular "N-series" standard batteries. Its rugged construction reflects it application in mobile environments

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