NL2024 & RH2024

14.4V, 6.7Ah, 97Wh

NL2024 & RH2024 Specification Summary

Part numbers:

NL2024HD22 - 2.2Ah cells, high discharge
NL2024ED22 - 2.2Ah cells, Extreme discharge
RH2024HD34 - 3.4Ah cells, Lightweight

chemistry / cell array:

NL2024 - 12 Li-Ion 18650 cells / 4S3P array
RH2024 - 8 Li-Ion 18650 cells / 4S2P array

capacity / energy:

6.7Ah / 97Wh


Vmax=16.8V Vnom=14.4 V Vcutoff=9.6V

eq. li content:


max continuous discharge

NL2024HD22 - 8A
NL2024ED22 - 10A
RH2024HD34 8A

max cont discharge to cutoff voltage

NL2024HD22 - 80W
NL2024ED22 - 100W
RH2024HD34 - 80W


Fully SMBus Compatible

data system:

Conforms to Smart Battery Specification


CH5000/CH4000 desktop chargers or Level 2/3 SMBus Charger (LT 4100) recommended.

physical dimensions:


mating connector:

rec. battery cavity:

22.5mm x 109mm cross section.
The battery should be centered within this cavity.

NL2024 & RH2024 Description

NSN: National / Nato Stock Number: NL2024A22 : 6140015657537

The NL2024 is designed & built in the USA by Inspired Energy, Inc. You can buy any quantity from a single battery up to many thousands, all direct & built-to-order from Inspired Energy.

The NL2024 smart Li Ion battery can be customized to meet your needs. Maybe a label change to your corporate livery? Or a firmware modification to modify the smart battery data to suit your needs? Or perhaps you need the performance of the NL2024 changing. Creating custom-hybrids of standard batteries is a part of Inspired Energy's established expertise.

Inspired Energy manufacturers all products to order. We sell direct to clients globally in quantities from 1 to  >50,000. We accept Credit cards for small orders & samples.

If you are interested in purchasing a standard battery pack, or receiving a quotation please contact us at:
US Toll Free: 1-888-5-INSPIRE (1-888-546-7747) or USA 352 472 4855
or use the current email address shown on our contacts page.