14.4V, 2.5Ah, 100W, 36Wh
14.4V, 2.9Ah, 40W, 41Wh
14.4V, 3.4Ah , 40W, 49Wh

ND2054 Specification Summary

Part numbers:

ND3054HD25 - 2.5Ah + 10A discharge
ND2054HD29 - 2.9Ah + extended low temp. discharge
ND2054HD34 - 3.4Ah

chemistry / cell array:

4 Li-Ion 18650 cells / 4S1P array


Vmax=16.8V Vnom=14.4 V Vcutoff=9.6V

eq. li content:


max continuous discharge

ND2054HD29 - 4A
ND2054HD34 - 4A
ND3054HD25 - 10A

max cont discharge to cutoff voltage

ND2054HD29 - 40W
ND2054HD34 - 40W
ND3054HD25 - 100W


Fully SMBus rev 1.1 Compliant

data system:

Fully SBDS rev 1.1 Compliant


"CH" range desktop charger or other SMBus Level 3 compliant charger (LT 4100 recommended).

physical dimensions:

HEIGHT: 0.91" / 23.02mm
LENGTH: 3.4" / 87mm
WIDTH: 3.1" / 79mm
WEIGHT:  234g / 8.3oz

mating connector:

rec. battery cavity:

24 x 80mm cross-section.
Battery centered within the cavity.

ND2054 Description

The ND2054 is designed & built in the USA by Inspired Energy, Inc. You can buy any quantity from a single battery up to many thousands, all direct & built-to-order from Inspired Energy.

The ND2054HD29 can be used in low temperature applications to provide improved (not full) performance to -20°C. Cell capacity will be reduced, as will the ability to deliver high currents - especially current spikes. Also fuel gauge accuracy & thermal measurement will still decline with decreasing temperature. For these reasons, the only way to assure yourself that the battery performs in your particular application to your satisfaction will be to perform exhaustive low temperature application testing under all anticipated environmental and operational conditions.

The ND2054 smart Li ion battery can be customized to meet your needs. Maybe a label change to your corporate livery? Or a firmware modification to modify the smart battery data to suit your needs? Or perhaps you need the performance of the ND2054 changing. Creating custom-hybrids of standard batteries is a part of Inspired Energy's established expertise.

Inspired Energy manufacturers all products to order. We sell direct to clients globally in quantities from 1 to  >50,000. We accept Credit cards for small orders & samples.

If you are interested in purchasing a standard battery pack, or receiving a quotation please contact us at:
US Toll Free: 1-888-5-INSPIRE (1-888-546-7747) or USA 352 472 4855
or use the current email address shown on our contacts page.