High Energy Li-Ion Systems

< 6,000 Watt hours
<5,000 Watts
<96V DC

Li Ion battery systems above 95 watt hours present special difficulties to the device designer. One solution is to create a high energy battery array comprised of smaller, smart battery packs. The smart battery communications in each battery pack allows an array controller to individually monitor and control the charge and discharge on each battery in the array. To the outside world, the battery array operates like a single extremely high energy battery pack, providing up to 6,000Wh of stored energy. Internally the battery array benefits from the lower costs of using smaller modules which are non-regulated for shipping purposes and can be shipped as non-hazardous goods. The architecture is modular and can be scaled from a simple 180Wh, two-battery system up to a 6kWh, 64-battery system or beyond. With a DC converter on the output, the battery can supply DC voltages from 3.3v up to 96.0V.

Ocean Server Technology Inc. provides array controllers, charge systems and high power DC:DC converters to create modular Li ion battery power up to 6,000 watt hours.

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