Desktop Smart Quick Charger

CH4000 Specification Summary

physical dimensions:

HEIGHT: 58mm / 2.25"
LENGTH: 180mm / 7"
WIDTH: 92mm / 3.5"
WEIGHT: 220g / 8oz

mating connector:

5-Pin Standard Connector.

LED Status Display:

Green flashing: Charging
Green solid: Charge complete
Red solid: Error

Power Supply:

90-260VAC, 24V, 2.5A DC, 119x38x60mm, 500g/18oz UL listed, CE Compliant

mains cord:

CH4000A: 110V N. USA 3-pin cord
CH4000E: 220V Euro. 2-pin cord with GND recess
CH4000U: 240V UK 3-pin cord
CH4000X: No AC cable included


CH4000 Description

The CH4000 desktop smart charger is a standalone unit which provides the capability to carry out charging independently of the device which uses the battery pack.

The CH4000 works with every smart, standard "N" Series Li Ion and NiMH battery in the Inspired Energy portfolio irrespective of size, shape, voltage, or capacity.

With its multi-voltage power supply, the CH4000 works throughout the world. Variants are available for use in North America (CH4000A) Europe (CH4000E) & the UK (CH4000U).

CH4000 REACH, RoHS2, CE & Customs Declarations are available to download from our Shipping Page

Standard product approvals are listed above. Additional agency testing of these products can be arranged to meet specific testing needs. However as the manufacture & design authority rests with Inspired Energy, all testing must be undertaken directly between us and the agency. Please contact us for details and pricing

What's In The Box?
 - CH4000 Desktop Quick Charger
 - Inserts for battery packs
 - 60 Watt power supply
 - Mains Lead (See below for international options)
 - Instruction sheet

International Variants:
- CH4000A US/North American AC plug
- CH4000E: European 2-pin AC Plug
- CH4000U: UK 3 Pin AC Plug
- CH4000X: No AC cable

CH4000 Recharge Time (hrs)
NB2037 - 3½
NC2040 - 3½
ND2017 - 6
ND2053 - 4
ND2054 / ND2034 - 3½
ND2057 / ND2037 - 3½
NF2040 / NF2030 - 3½
NH2054 - 3½
NH2057 - 7
Ni2020 / Ni2040 - 3½
NL2020 - 3½
NL2024 / NL2044 / NL2054 - 3
NJ1020 / Ni1030 - 1½

Inspired Energy manufacturers all products to order. We sell direct to clients globally in quantities from 1 to >50,000. We accept Credit cards for small orders & samples.

If you are interested in purchasing a standard battery pack, or receiving a quotation please contact us at:
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