USB Port Smart Battery Reader/Writer

Specification Summary


USB-to-SMBus smart battery interface with "Y" USB/Battery cable & smart battery analysis software

chemistry / cell array:

PC with Pentium processor, Win XP or 7, VGA screen, 1MB hard disk space, 64MB memory, Free USB port,

capacity / energy:

All Inspired Energy "N" Series SMBus Smart Battery System products.



eq. li content:


max continuous discharge


max cont discharge to cutoff voltage



Fully SMBus Compatible

data system:

Conforms to Smart Battery Specification



physical dimensions:


mating connector:

rec. battery cavity:


Model Description

The ATA004A is a diagnostic tool which can be used to view the data fields stored by Inspired Energy smart battery packs. It uses a standard USB port with software written by Inspired Energy, to display the battery data on any personal computer. The unit can be used to view and record static battery data, or to log dynamic battery data while the battery is charging or discharging. This makes it an invaluable tool for embedded system designers who are implementing a device-level smart battery interface, system testing, SMBus communications troubleshooting and battery state of health determinations. The ATA004A can also be used to write to those battery data fields which support external input.

Smart Battery Data Fields supported:

Average Time to Full (mins)
Manufacturer's Access *
Device Chemistry
Remaining Capacity Alarm *
Manufacturer's Data
Remaining Time Alarm *
Absolute State of Charge (%)
Battery Mode *
Remaining Capacity (mAh)
At Rate *
At Rate OK
Full Charge Capacity (mAh)
At Rate Time To Full
Run Time to Empty (mins)
At Rate Time to Empty
Avg Time to Empty (mins)
Average Time to Full (mins)
(*) Denotes user configurable fields.

Temperature (°K & °C)
Charge Current (mA)
Terminal Voltage (mV)
Charge Voltage (mV)
Current (mA)
Battery Status
Average Current (mA)
Cycle Count
Max Error (%)
Design Capacity (mAh)*
Relative State of Charge (%)
Design Voltage (mV)
Serial Number
Smart Battery Version #
Manufacturer's Name
Date Of Manufacture
Device Name

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