The original Standard battery concept was launched in late 1996 by the Smart Battery Implementers Forum - an industry body set up to create more consumer-friendly versions of the expensive, custom battery packs found in many notebook computers. In order to achieve their goals, the Smart Battery Implementers Forum  established the use of the SMBus as the method of smart battery communications and developed formal specifications for smart batteries and smart battery chargers. For more information on the Smart Battery Implementer's Forum visit

The SBS-IF included Duracell, Intel, Energizer, Benchmarq, Linear Technology, Maxim, Varta, Toshiba, National Semiconductor and Mitsubishi Electric. As employees of Energizer, the management team of Inspired Energy were part of this core group establishing the specifications for smart battery systems.

The original products were the 10 cell NiMH batteries; Duracell DR36S and the Energizer equivalent NJ1020. The Inspired Energy NJ1020 is a direct descendent of the original NJ1020 & replaces the DR36S and derivatives which include the BN36S, EMC36S, GPDR36S, NM36S, SL36 & SMP36S.

Shortly afterwards the long, thin, 9-cell NiMH  DR35S was launched by Duracell, with Energizer's NI1030 as the alternative. Inspired Energy's NI1030 is a direct replacement for DR35S and derivatives which include the GPDR35, GPDR35S, NM35S, SL35 & SMP35.

The smart battery system concept was forward-thinking in that it accommodated battery chemistry independence & hence when Li Ion batteries became more commonplace the Li Ion version of the  DR36S - the Duracell DR202 and Energizer Ni2020 were introduced. As a drop-in replacement for the NiMh models the DR202 & Ni2020 exploited all the attributes of the chemistry-independent smart battery system. Inspired Energy's NI2020 is a direct replacement for all DR202 battery packs & their derivatives which now include the DR202S, GPDR202, Li202S, LiP9020B, ME202, SL202, SMP202, SMP2020, STD202 and TH202

However without the anticipated high volume sales of standard battery packs, Duracell pulled out of the market, rendering the DR36, DR35 and DR202 batteries obsolete and leaving Energizer as the sole global consumer battery manufacturer with smart battery capabilities. Although the standard battery concept failed to achieve global consumer success, the standard battery concept was by no means dead - smaller device manufacturers in niche markets realized that the NI2020, NJ1020 and NI1030  represented a ready-made high energy power source with full on-board battery intelligence and communications capabilities. This type of feature set had previously only been available to major computer giants, but could now be deployed into vertical markets.

In time, Energizer too divested their rechargeable battery interests to Moltech, who grew the standard battery product portfolio by the introduction of the NI2040, which was developed by Moltech in partnership with two of the world's leading medical and computer device manufacturers. Since the purchase of Moltech's  Smart Battery Business Unit by Inspired Energy, the IE team  is taking the standard battery concept another step forward with the introduction of the 202x, 203x, 204x, 205x ranges of battery packs and a full range of smart chargers and belt packs, all featuring standard, SMBus communications. 

In the intervening years, our standard battery products have been copied, but you can be assured that the team that worked with the SBS-IF in those early days of smart, standard batteries can be relied on to continue the growth & expansion of this battery concept with a growing portfolio of products throughout the coming months and years.

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