Lithium Ion

Power Range

PG3665 25.2V, 2.9Ah, 73Wh

PH2059 28.8V, 3.4Ah, 98Wh

PH2054 14.4V, 6.8Ah, 98Wh

PH3059 28.8V, 1.5Ah, 43Wh

PH3054 14.4V, 4.0Ah 58Wh

Thinline Range

NC2560 10.8V, 2.0Ah, 22Wh

201x Range

ND2017 7.2V, 5.8Ah, 41Wh

202x Range

NI2020 10.8V, 8.7Ah, 94Wh   

NL2020 10.8V, 8.8Ah, 97Wh

NL2024 14.4V, 6.6Ah, 97Wh

203x Range

NB2037 7.2V, 3.4Ah, 24Wh

ND2037 7.2V, 6.8Ah, 49Wh

ND2034 14.4V, 3.4Ah, 49Wh

NF2030 10.8V, 6.8Ah, 73Wh

NH2034 14.4V, 6.8Ah, 98Wh

204x Range

NC2040 10.8V, 3.4Ah, 37Wh

NF2047 7.2V, 10.2Ah, 73Wh

NF2040 10.8V, 6.8Ah, 73Wh

NI2040 10.8V, 8.7Ah, 94Wh

NL2044 14.4V 6.6Ah, 97Wh

205x Range

ND2053 3.6V, 9.6Ah, 35Wh

ND2057 7.2V, 6.8Ah, 49Wh

ND2054 14.4V, 3.4Ah, 49Wh

NH2057 7.2V, 13.6Ah, 98Wh

NH2054 14.4V, 6.8Ah, 98Wh

NL2050 10.8V, 8.8Ah, 97Wh

NL2054 14.4V, 6.6Ah, 97Wh


Nickel Metal Hydride

NJ1020 12V, 3.85Ah

NI1030 10.8V, 3.85Ah


Desktop Chargers

Single Bay chargers

CH4000 1-bay quick charger

CH5000 1-bay quick charger + calibrator 

CH7000 1-bay solar/vehicle/AC charger

Dual Bay Chargers

CH4040 2-bay quick charger

CH5050 2-bay quick charger + calibrator

Multi Bay Chargers

4 & 6-bay Smart Charging Systems

12-Bay, Rack-mount Smart Charging Systems

"P" Series battery Chargers

PH4000 1-bay charger for "P-Series" batteries



For 202x range batteries

202x Battery Voltage Output

202x Regulated output

202x Regulated output + charger

For 204x range batteries

204x With integrated charger

For 205x range batteries

205x With integrated charger



Battery & Charger parts etc..


Smart Battery Test Systems

ATA004 USB Port SMBus logger *NEW*


High Energy Li Ion Battery Systems

Systems up to 6,000 Watt Hours 



Smart Batteries supported:

The BP range of beltpacks are fully compatible with the following Inspired Energy smart batteries

Li Ion







The following batteries require the addition of a foam spacer  (part# 935004) inside the beltpack
Li Ion NiMH


















BP2BV and BP5BV 

Auxiliary Power Packs 

BP2BV and BP5BV Specifications

Weight:  150g / 5.4oz
Height:    35mm / 1.4"
Length:    185mm / 7.3"
Width:    125mm / 4.9"
Mounting: 1" wide belt loop  plus 4 "D" rings
Material: Padded, reinforced, rip-stop nylon
BP2BV01 2 conductor, coiled cable. 6" straight at either end with 1' of coiled conductor. Extends to ~4'.
BP5BV01 5-conductor, 3' straight cable allowing remote access to the SMBus, Smart battery data.
Mating Connector:  Specified by part number 
BP2BV01 No DC connector fitted at the device end of the cable
BP2BV04 5.5x2.5mm DC connector fitted at the device end of the cable
BP2BV05 std. vehicle cigarette-lighter socket fitted at the device end of the cable
BP5BV01 No DC connector fitted at the device end of the cable

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  -  CE Declaration

  REACH Declaration

  -  RoHS2 Declaration

Standard product approvals are listed above. Additional agency testing of these products can be arranged to meet specific testing needs. However  as the manufacture & design authority rests with Inspired Energy, all testing must be undertaken directly between us and the agency. Please contact us for details and pricing



The BP2BVxx and BP5BVxx are soft, padded pouches designed to hold the largest standard battery power packs available.

They feature easy access to the fuel gauge during operation and a quick-fit, molded battery connector.

The BP2BV01 and BP5BV01 are supplied WITHOUT power plugs at the device end of the cable. Please contact us for custom terminated versions of these items.

These items require a suitable battery (See sidebar for a full list of compatible batteries) and a suitable charger (Click the charger links for more details) 

Solid inserts provide structure to the case and protection for the battery. 

The 14.4V NL2024 and the 10.8V NL2020 batteries are both fully supported, and with the addition of a foam insert, the beltpacks also accept the smaller NI2020-style batteries.

Typical uses include auxiliary power for:

  • Pen tablet computers

  • Portable lighting systems

  • Ruggedized computers

  • Military and commercial avionics

  • Industrial data loggers

  • Personal cooling / heating systems

  • Wearable computers

  • Industrial test & measurement systems

For pricing or any additional information about the BP range of auxiliary power packs,  please contact us at: 

US Toll Free: 1-888-5-INSPIRE (1-888-546-7747) 

or USA 352 472 4855 

or e-mail our Sales Department.

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