iPad Mini runtime extender & protective case

936231 Specification Summary

Component Parts:

Protective case with stand & hanger and an integrated battery holder


USB Mini-B 4-pin for data & charging (iPad battery only)

System Requirements:

iPad Mini with retina display (not included)

Batteries Supported:

For use with ND2057 battery packs ONLY: ND2057HD29, HD31, HD34

Total Weight:

29.1oz / 825g including the iPad, case and NH2057 battery pack


140 x 37 x 217mm / 5.5"x1.5"x8.5"


Internal iPad battery: 16Wh/10hrs
936231 + ND2057HD34 battery: 49Wh for an additional 25hrs
Total: 35hrs*


CE: EU EMC Directive 2004/108/EC & harmonized standards
EN55022:2010, EN55024:2010

Model Description

The 936231 is a rugged case which holds an iPad Mini device. The case surrounds the iPad providing protection to the sides & rear. It incorporates a hinged work stand and a battery cavity with a removable door to hold one ND2057 battery pack. The work stand includes moveable hooks which can be used to hang the iPad on a horizontal bar.

The 936231 is supplied in two halves. The iPad mini slides into one half & automatically connects to the lightning connector. The other half is slid onto the iPad and the two halves are screwed together using the included machine screws. The iPad is now encased within the unit and the external Inspired Energy ND2057 battery can be slid into place by removing the sliding battery door.

The external battery powers the iPad via the lightening connector. A hole in the battery door allows the user to see the 5-bar LCD fuel gauge on the ND2057 battery. When this reaches zero, approximately 10 hours of runtime remain on the iPad & this can be monitored using the iPad battery fuel gauge.

The ND2057 battery must be removed for charging - any of the CH range of Inspired Energy desktop chargers may be used. For fleet applications we have a range of multi-bay chargers which can simultaneously charge hundreds of batteries at a time.

 - Secure Housing for iPad Mini with retina display
 - Rugged Design
 - 25 hr extended runtime / 35 hr total*
 - Hot-swap batteries to increase runtime in 25hr increments
 - Tamper-proof
 - Access to screen, power, volume, & ringer buttons, camera, headphones are unaffected
 - USB mini-B 4-pin connector for data transfer & to charge the iPad battery*
 - Ideal for fleet operations
 - Battery fuel gauge visible at all times
 - Fully adjustable hinged work stand
 - Hooks for mounting the unit on a horizontal bar
 - For use with Inspired Energy ND2057 battery packs only. Use of other battery packs may-       damage the device &/or the iPad.

What's in the box?
 - 936231 iPad Case assembly (pre-assembled clamshell halves and battery door + 2 machine  screws with washers)
 - USB cable (Mini-B 4-pin to USB 2.0A male)

Assembly Instructions

What else do I need?
 - An iPad Mini
 - A 2mm hex key for assembly
 - An ND2057 battery. Choose one from:
     + ND2057HD29: additional runtime: 20hr / 30hr total
     + ND2057HD31: additional runtime: 23hr / 33hr total
     + ND2057HD34: additional runtime: 25hr / 35hr total
 - A Battery charger. Choose one from:
     + CH4000: Single bay charger
     + CH5000: Single bay charger with fuel gauge calibration
     + CH7000: Single bay charger with solar, vehicle or AC input
     + CH4040: Dual bay charger
     + CH5050: Dual bay charger with fuel gauge calibration
     + CH5555: Four bay charger with fuel gauge calibration
     + CH6555: Six bay charger with fuel gauge calibration
     + CR12D205: 12-bay rack-mountable charger
     + QK01CR12D205: 12-bay charger mounted into a 4U rack with power supply
     + QK02CR12D205: 24-bay charger mounted into a 8U rack with power supplies
     + QK03CR12D205: 36-bay charger mounted into a 10U rack with power supplies

Application Notes:
 - Testing using continuous video with 60% screen brightness, the system ran for 38hrs on a fully charged NH2057HD34 battery.

 - USB cable will only charge the internal iPad battery. It will not charge the external ND2057 battery.

 - For use with Inspired Energy ND2057 battery packs only. Use of other battery packs may damage the device &/or the iPad.

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