12 Bay Rack-Mount Charger Systems

Multi-Bay charging System Specification Summary

Part numbers:


physical dimensions:

HEIGHT: 5.25" / 133.4mm (3U)
LENGTH: 10.5" / 266.7mm
WIDTH: 19" / 482.6mm (Std. 19" rack / DIN41494)
WEIGHT: 8lb / 3.6kg

LED Status Displays:

Green Flashing: Charging in process
Green Solid: Fully Charged

Power Supply

NOT INCLUDED. 24VDC, 750W required.

Meanwell RCP-1UI rack chassis + up to 3 x RCP-1000-24- 1kW, power supplies for up to 3 CR12 rack units

Meanwell RKP-1UI rack chassis + up to 3 x RCP-2000-24- 2kW, power supplies for up to 6 CR12 rack units



CR12 Instructions

Model Description

The 12-bay, 19" rack mountable unit contains 12 independent quick chargers.
Flight case & 19" Rack mounted 24VDC power supply are sold separately.
The 12-bay smart charger system can be ordered to fit the following "N-Series" Inspired Energy brand battery packs:

Battery Model                                              CR12 Rack Part Number
NL2050 / NL2054 / NH2054 / NH2057                  CR12H205
ND2053 / ND2054 / ND2057                                 CR12D205
NL2044 / Ni2040 / NF2040 / NF2047                    CR12i204
NC2040                                                                CR12C204
NF2030 / ND2034 / ND2037                                 CR12F203
NB2037                                                                CR12B203
Ni2020 / NJ1020                                                  CR12i202
NC2560 / ND2017 / NL2020                            Not currently supported
NL2024 / Ni1030 / P-series Batteries             Not currently supported       

Unlike other multi-bay charging systems, the 12-bay CR12 smart charger systems will charge all the batteries at the same time, thus reducing the cycle time for multi-battery applications.
The modular design allows multiple 12-bay rack units to be stacked to provide charging for any quantity of battery packs.
A 24VDC power supply (not included) can then be specified to suit the quantity of CR12 charger units required.
The CR12 charger is not designed for use with non-Inspired Energy brand battery packs.

The CR12 rack mountable system fits all standard 19" racks.
A 24VDC 750W minimum power supply is recommended to operate the CR12 unit.

Inspired Energy recommends Meanwell Rack-mounted power supplies for use with the CR12 Charge rack system.

The Meanwell RCP-1UI rack chassis is suitable to hold up to three RCP-1000-24- 1kW, 24VDC power supplies to power up to three CR12 rack chargers.

For more recharging capability The Meanwell RKP-1UI rack chassis can hold up to three RKP-2000-24- 2KW, 24VDC power supplies to power up to six CR12 rack chargers (Simultaneous charging of 72 batteries).

Flight cases such as the 4U Gator cases shown below are recommended if you wish to create a self-contained portable system .

CR12 Recharge Time (hrs)
NB2037 - 3½
NC2040 - 3½
ND2017 - 6
ND2053 - 4
ND2054 / ND2034 - 3½
ND2057 / ND2037 - 3½
NF2040 / NF2030 - 3½
NH2054 - 3½
NH2057 - 7
Ni2020 / Ni2040 - 3½
NL2020 - 3½
NL2024 / NL2044 / NL2054 - 3
NJ1020 / Ni1030 - 1½

The CR12 rack mount smart charger systems are designed & built in the USA by Inspired Energy, Inc. You can buy any quantity from a single unit up to many thousands, all built-to-order, direct from Inspired Energy.

If you are interested in purchasing a standard battery pack, or receiving a quotation please contact us at:
US Toll Free: 1-888-5-INSPIRE (1-888-546-7747) or USA 352 472 4855
or use the current email address shown on our contacts page.