Inspired Energy specializes in the creation of smart Lithium Ion rechargeable battery packs & chargers with built-in electronic intelligence; providing battery monitoring, high-precision fuel gauging, battery diagnostics and battery-to-host communications.


Choose from a portfolio of existing standard battery designs, commission a pure custom pack or customize an existing battery to combine the best of both options.


In 1995 the Inspired Energy team helped to create the SMBus standard battery concept. Since then, our methods of mass-customization have employed the principles of just-in-time and lean manufacturing to create the largest selection of standard, smart battery designs available anywhere in the world.

All our products are built to order & shipped globally from our headquarters in Florida, USA.


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Conflict Minerals

Download our Conflict Minerals report (CMRT rev4.01) here.


Inspired Energy is actively engaged in working with our suppliers to eliminate the possibility of conflict minerals being used in our products. This process is currently in process using the resources of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC).


For more information on the EICC click here.


View the SEC Final Rule, 17 CFR parts 240 & 249b


For more information on the SEC rule click here


Current Conflict Minerals status for Inspired Energy:



Inspired Energy Suppliers: Click here to access the EICC conflict minerals reporting template and dashboard.

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Latest News


New Shipping Regulations:

From April 1st 2016, all Li Ion battery packs shipping by air under IATA Packing Instruction 965 most be at no more than 30% state of charge. Details here.  All Inspired Energy Li Ion products (moving by air or ground) ship at <30% SoC in compliance with this regulation.


Will this affect your battery shelf life? Click here to find out.


Do you want to ensure your batteries ship at <30% SoC?

Inspired Energy has multi-bay chargers which adjust the state of charge to the correct <30% level for shipping. Contact us for a quote for our 4-bay, CH5555CAL or our 6-bay CH6555CAL.


Creating a multi-battery array?

You'll need our new EB397 Ideal Diode connector board to link multiple battery packs together.



Small batteries with a BIG kick!

Our new "ZD" products:

2-cell NB2037 with 8A / 40W continuous

4-cell ND2054 & ND2034 with 10A / 100W continuous

8-cell NH2057 with 12A / 60W continuous


Using an iPad mini as your user interface? Try this battery extender for 35 hrs continuous runtime.



New holster for 8-cell NH2054 & NH2057 battery packs puts 98Wh on your hip. Available with built in charger and USB charge port!



A new 8-cell, 98Wh battery with a long, thin form factor





Need to charge a LOT of batteries at the same time?

CR12 series, 19-inch rack mount, 12-bay chargers



28.8V Li ion batteries in two different flavors:

click here for the high energy density version

or here for the high power density version



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